Benefits of Hosted Exchange 2010 from Exchange2Go

There has been a lot of talk about hosted services or Software As A Service (SAAS) for a number of years now and Hosted Microsoft Exchange was perhaps among the first to be discussed. For a while that seemed to be all there was - just talk - but now Hosted applications and Hosted Exchange are a reality, delivering all they promised and more.

So what are some of the benefits?

Real cost savings

The bottom line is the cost. It really is cheaper to outsource your email and use Hosted Exchange. In house solutions are costly to roll out initially and can be costly to support. Hosted Exchange 2010 from Exchange2Go delivers real cost savings and low monthly or annual payments.

For a detailed breakdown of some of the savings see the information on our pricing and savings page.

FlexibilityOutlook web access

If you buy your own Exchange server you have to pay up front for what your planned usage may be. With Hosted Exchange 2010 you can pay for just the Exchange accounts you need either in individual mailboxes or manageable bundles.

If you need another Exchange account then you can just add a new mailbox in minutes. When you no longer need it you can remove the mailbox. No up front licence costs, no money wasted.

If you get to a stage where you no longer need the Hosted Exchange service you can remove it without incurring any more ongoing costs from us.

Remember, unlike some Hosted Exchange providers we offer month to month contracts.

Easy migration

Moving to a Hosted Exchange service is easy. We can provide guidance on how to easily migrate your mailboxes to our Hosted Exchange infrastructure with no interuption to your service. We can also provide this as a service for you in some cases.


Whether you are a mobile worker accessing your mail from home or on the road you have a choice of Microsoft Outlook 2010, Outlook Web Access or your activesync enabled mobile device to keep you in touch.

Get full access to all of your folders, contacts, calendars and files from wherever you are using any Microsoft Outlook or web browser anywhere.

Never be out without important information again

Did you ever leave the office without an important peice of contact information? Was an appointment added to your schedule and you didn't know?

With Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010 from Exchange2Go that need never happen again. Lets say a collegue adds a new contact to your list of contacts or a new appointment to your calendar or sends you a new meeting request or email. They are pushed to you wherever you are keeping you in perfect syncronisation with the rest of your team.

Any changes you make whether from a web browser or using your mobile device such as iPhone, Blackberry or Windows mobile phone are syncronised right back to the server keeping you always up to date.

Work Offline

No connectivity? No problem. If you're out in the middle of nowhere and don't have a connection you'll still have access to Outlook web access - calendareverything just as it was the last time an updatge was made. Once your connected again all your changes are syncronised back to the servers.

Work as part of the team

Collaborate securely with your co-workers, customers or suppliers.

Schedule meetings with your co-workers. View everyones free and busy information any time. Pick the free time that suits everyone and schedule meetings.

Grant access to your administration assitants who can create or remove calendar appointments or contacts from yours or your co-workers accounts easily.

Just starting out? Use what you're used to

Many of the people we talk to are just starting out in business on their own. Quite often they've been part of a larger organisation and are used to using Microsoft Outlook with all of it's functionality.

When they set out on their own they find that either they can use Outlook wth limited fucntionality with no shared contacts, calendars, groupware functions or push mail. Sometimes their service provider will provide them with a product that promises the same functionaility but doesn't quite deliver it. At the end of the day there's a reason why Microsoft Exchange remains the number one choice for company email for businesses worldwide.

With Hosted Exchange 2010 from Exchange2Go you can stop worrying and get on with your business. Whether youa re a one man band or an organisation of thousands, Hosted Exchange 2010 from is the real deal delivering you the performance and features you need.

Are you ready to sign up?

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Do you need more information?

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